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Techies Unite! Microsoft Ceo Satya Nadella Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Calls On Amazon's Jeff Bezos And Google's Larry Page | E! Online

microsoft ceo ice bucket Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Calls on Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Google's Larry Page by Natalie Finn Today 6:14 PM PDT Loading... Here's hoping Satya Nadella remembered to take his Windows Phone out of his pocket first. Surrounded by members of the winning 2014 Hackathon team, the Microsoft CEO accepted the gone-viral-with-a-vengeance Ice Bucket Challenge today, Nadella joining the thousands of people ( minus President Obama , but his check is in the mail) who have posted videos of themselves being doused with freezing-cold water to raise awareness for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gherig's disease. And better yet, he called upon a couple of billionaires to follow suit! WATCH: Justin Timberlake takes the Ice Bucket Challenge Nadella kicked off his video noting that he was accepting the challenge from Steve Gleason, a former safety for the New Orleans Saints who revealed in 2011 that he was battling ALS. "From personal experience, it's better to have your head in the clouds than under a bucket of ice," he promised his fellow tech execs. YouTube
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