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Microsoft To Bring Machine Learning To The World?

Satya Nadella Microsoft We want to bring machine learning to many more people, Eron Kelly, Microsoft Corporation ( NASDAQ:MSFT ) corporate vice president and director SQL Server marketing, said of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, due to be launched in beta form in July. The line of business owners and the marketing teams really want to use data to get ahead, but data volumes are getting so large that it is difficult for businesses to sift through it all, Kelly said. Microsoft Corporation ( NASDAQ:MSFT ) will use its existing cloud platform Azure to offer the opportunity for businesses to better understand machine learning. Until recent years, machine learning as been refined primarily in academia but after 20 odd years of study, its now helping businesses better deal with issues such as credit card fraud. Microsoft itself uses machine learning on its Cortana personal assistant meant to compete with Apples Siri as well as on the Azure cloud offerings by allowing its computers to determine additional need for hardware purchases or building.
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